Digital Economy
Development Fund
Digital technologies are a driver for the development and transformation of other industries, and their competent integration in many cases contributes to the efficiency and quality of services provided.
Head of the Foundation Council
Chairman of the Council for the development of
IT-technology and digital economy,Chamber of commerce and
industry of the Russian Federation
Adviser of the Russian Federation President (2016 - 2018)
German Klimenko
Investment Funds
Billion rubles of attracted investments
Fund's purpose
  • Assistance in the development of Russian technologies and solutions for the digital economy.
Fund's objectives
  • Attracting investors for the implementation of investment IT-projects, including blockchain projects, starting from the Seed stage and further penetration to the global markets.
  • Providing support to Russian projects contributing to the digitalization of the public sector, social sphere and business.
  • Creation of the platforms for the exchange of experience in the integration of digital solutions for the state, business and social sphere with the participation of Russian and foreign experts.
History of the foundation
  • The Digital Economy Development Fund was established in accordance with the goals of economic development and the transition to a new level of the IT technologies usage in all spheres of socio-economic activity of the country in the program "Digital economy of the Russian Federation" (Order No. 1632-R of the Russian Government dated 28.07.2017). Last year (2017) the team of the Fund has created the International Decentralized Association of blockchain technology IDACB, bringing together representatives from 95 countries. In 2018, the IDACB team held two international summits in Moscow, which were attended by more than 3,500 representatives from 65 countries, and within the Roadshow helped to raise investments for more than 50 start-up projects in 25 countries in Europe, Asia and the East. At the moment, the digital development Fund assists in attracting investors for the implementation of domestic investment IT-projects and their scaling in international markets with the help of verified IDACB member countries.
  • The Fund's team selects the best projects and solutions, analyzes the prospects of the markets and helps to overcome barriers to growth. Taking into account the competence of the team, long-term work in the top thousand of the largest corporations of Russia and bodies of state authority, expertise in each of the sectors of the economy, and a pool of more than 10,000 investors from around the world Fund can assist in the scaling of the project as in Russia, and in the case of readiness of the project abroad.
Main Fund's activities
  • - a series of digital forums which are the platforms for meeting industry ministries and departments, major corporations, industry companies and digital solution providers, as well as advanced digital startups in each industry and investors. The outcome of each Forum is the industry's StartUpList and the addition of digital solutions to the digital solutions Store.

  • Digital Marketplace - a joint project of the Fund and the CCI of the Russian Federation, created with the aim of selecting the verified solutions for the digitalization of industries. Digital Marketplace make easier for the regions and companies searching of the implemented solution, tested by experts and reviews on implementation from regions, cities, corporations.

  • Start Up List - start-up projects from different areas for further scaling, obtaining investments and entering foreign markets. Projects that fall into the StartUp List receive priority support from the Fund and assistance in obtaining financing and new markets.

  • «Billion Pitch - a joint project of the Fund with the largest investment funds and leading platforms in order to maximize the coverage of potential investors and presentations of the best selected startups from the Start Up List. Billion Pitch was first held in the framework of SPIEF 2019 and will continue to be held at major forums both in Russia and in the world.

  • Future Fund's vision is in the growth of digital projects. The Fund is an infrastructure for the development of digital projects, often Fund becomes an investor of the project in collaboration with leading investment funds and corporations.
Fund's Council
German Klimenko
Head of the Foundation Council
Georgiy Lebedev
Phd of Engineering
Dmitry Plakhov
The head of the blockchain laboratory
Research Institute "Digital technologies"
Igor Reshetov
Academician of RAS
Alexander Rumyantsev
Academician of RAS
Maksim Cherechnev
Head of Russian trade and
Economic Development Council
Dmitry Mednikov
Deputy general Director VGTRK (2009 - 2018)
Olga Franchuk
Fund's Managing Director
Andrey Donskih
Partnership Director
Competence centers
Julia Alferova
Head Of the Competence Center
"Digital business transformation"

Yaroslav Fedosov
Head of the Competence Center
"Digitalization of agriculture"

Timur Aitov
Head Of the competence Center
"Fintech Technologies"

Fund's Council
Managing Director
Investments Department
Risks Department
Project Office
Expert Community
Fund's Structure
Priority investment areas
Internet of Things
3D Printing
Investment criteria
  • Innovation and digital projects.
  • Experience and qualification of the team.
  • Availability of a turnkey solution/technology or prototype.
  • The scalability of the solution and the ability to adapt to foreign markets.
Investment Funds
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