Digital Economy Development Fund
Investments in end-to-end
digital technologies
Creating sites
for investor communication
and it communities
Foundation goal
Development assistance of Russian technologies and solutions for the digital economy.
Foundation tasks
Attracting investors for the implementation of investment it projects, including blockchain projects, starting from the Seed stage and further entering the global markets.
Providing comprehensive support to domestic developments that contribute to digitalization of
public sector, social sphere and business.
Creating experinece exchange platforms in integration of digital solutions for government, business and social sphere with participation of Russian and foreign experts .
Digital technologies - driver for the development and transformation of other industries, and their competent integration in many cases contributes to the efficiency and quality of services provided.
Head of the Foundation Council
German Klimenko
Foundation council
German Klimenko
Head of the Foundation Council
Anatoly Aksakov
Chairman of the State Duma Committee
for financial market
Georgy Lebedev
Doctor of engineering
Dmitry Plakhov
Head of the blockchain laboratory
Scientific Research Institute " Digital technologies"
Igor Reshetov
Academician of RAS
Alexander Rumyantsev
Academician of RAS
Maxim Chereshnev
President of the Russian Trade and Economic Development Council
Igor Matsanuk
Private investor
Dmitry Mednikov
Deputy General Director of VGTRK (from 2009 to 2018)
Olga Franchuk
Executive Director of the Fund
Andrey Donskikh
Director of work with partners
Priority investment areas
Technologies of collecting, processing
and big data analytics
Machine learning
Digital technologies in medicine
Artificial intelligence
Blockchain projects
Internet of Things
Internet of Things
Investment criteria
Products and developments corresponding to the directions of the Digital economy development Program (Order No. 1632-R of the RF Government dated 28.07.2017), as well as priority areas of the Fund's investment.
Experience and qualification of the team.
Availability of a ready-made solution/development or prototype.
Scalability and ability to adapt to foreign markets.

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